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Hebridean Way – Envoi

I can’t decide whether the Hebridean Way will become a classic trail…

Hebridean Way – South Lewis

In the Outer Hebrides these things often turn out not to be problems at all…

northton bay harris outer hebrides

Hebridean Way – Harris

You’re about to step onto one of the most beautiful, moving and remarkable treasures of the UK’s built heritage…

Hebridean Way hiking trail outer hebrides

Hebridean Way – North Uist and Berneray

There was nothing for it but to go for a walk…

scarista beach on island of Harris

The Hebridean Way

Who wouldn’t want to walk to what, according to the record book, is the UK’s windiest place?

Scottish National Trail – the Great Cape Escape

Things to do in Inverness: annoy staff in outdoor shops by saying ‘I’ve just walked the Scottish National Trail…’

Scottish National Trail – peat, pizza and panic.

In fact, it’s all a bit wild and woolly up here. You could feel very exposed and alone…

Loch Cluanie in Glen Shiel, Scottish Highlands

Scottish National Cape Wrath Trail – how confusing!

West of Garrygualach, the Cape Wrath Trail introduces itself to you properly…

Scottish National Trail – glen setback, corrie doddle.

Even with my total inexperience of Scottish hiking, I could work out that this didn’t look promising…

Scottish National Trail – Glasgow to the Glens

Ascending a steep hill then plunging into a dark and mysterious forest, the crossing of the Highland Line feels very real…

Scottish National Trail – Overview

The Scottish National Trail: manageable and almost overwhelmingly interesting.

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day Five

Nobody had said a thing, which was nice…

virgin trains northumberland river bridge

Pennine Way Blog 2: Pre-Day

Guys – this is supposed to be leisure…

summit pennines camping trekking hiking backpacking cumbria long distance national trail england

Pennine Way Blog – North to South

The Perverse Pennine Way blog, walking the ‘wrong’ way, north to south, and largely spurning indoor accommodation.

river tweed england scotland border railway bridge

Pennine Way Blog 1: Post-Day

Good luck with that…

cheviot hills northumberland long distance national trail path walk hike uk

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day 19

Prizes were awarded…

pennine way northumberland england long distance national trail moorland peat

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day 17

There, is that enough schadenfreude…?

long distance national trail england north walking hiking

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day 16

The haunt, surely, of trolls…

pennine way campsite tent swings walking hiking long distance trail england

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day 14

Slaggyford presents a dilemma…

teesdale county durham england waterfall cow green pennine way

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day 12

The notorious ‘scramble’…