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Pennine Way Blog 1: Day Eight

Famous for extensive views…

pennine way long distance national trail england moorland three peaks

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day Seven

I may have mentioned The Creamery…

pennine way walking hiking national trial england

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day Six

We needed all the heartening we could get…

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Pennine Way Blog 1: Day Five

Let the record show that DofE kids have pack covers…

yorkshire north riding moorland scenery pennine way long distance trail england

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day Four

Up Pinhaw Beacon on a high-octane beer rocket…

wuthering heights top withins yorkshire pennine way

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day Three

When I awoke it seemed windier and cooler…

peak district oennine way england landscape gritstone rock climbing

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day Two

‘What snack van?’ I hear you cry…

hope valley peak district derbyshire england pennine way cotton grass

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day One

One of several intimidating aspects of the first day is…

edale pennine way peak district derbyshire england tent campsite

Pennine Way Blog 1: Pre-Day

I’d practised in the garden but trust me, it isn’t the same…

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Pennine Way Blog – South to North

The Pleasant Pennine Way – a challenging but enjoyable hike along England’s oldest and best National Trail.