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gritstone rock at sunset on kinder peak district england

Pennine Way Blog 3 – days 1 – 3.

The sky was clear and sunny as I bounded up Jacob’s Ladder….

summit to eat camp foods

Freeze-Dried Camp Food by ‘Summit to Eat’

Am I converted to freeze-dried camp food? Hmm…

Hebridean Way – Envoi

I can’t decide whether the Hebridean Way will become a classic trail…

Hebridean Way – North Lewis

A much more fitting end to a long trail…

Hebridean Way – South Lewis

In the Outer Hebrides these things often turn out not to be problems at all…

northton bay harris outer hebrides

Hebridean Way – Harris

You’re about to step onto one of the most beautiful, moving and remarkable treasures of the UK’s built heritage…

Hebridean Way hiking trail outer hebrides

Hebridean Way – North Uist and Berneray

There was nothing for it but to go for a walk…