An Oldie Outdoors

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Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m no tough guy and no expert, just an ordinary oldie who likes the outdoors. I hope you find my modest exploits interesting and I’ll be very grateful for any advice.

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The Schil, my favourite wild camp.

I’m Andrew Cannon, I’m fifty-eight years old. Some say that doesn’t make me an ‘oldie’ but I think, as with everything we name, it depends on viewpoint. I don’t consider ‘oldie’ pejorative but celebratory, especially as for me it encompasses the incredible first world luxury of retirement.

I live an outdoorsy life in rural Norfolk but perversely, considering I hate heights and the cold, I’m also fond of blundering up hills. Intermittently I leave unhilly Norfolk on unambitious adventures. During these I reflect on my inability to choose reliable gear and muse on the slippery philosophy of outdoor life. Nothing extreme or life-threatening. A slight emphasis on food.

Among other things, my blog documents two of my three completions of the Pennine Way, England’s oldest and best National Trail. I’m grateful for any comments; thanks again for your visit.


Sunrise over Blackton Reservoir from Clove Lodge, Pennine Way.