The Scottish National Trail: manageable and almost overwhelmingly interesting.

summit pennines camping trekking hiking backpacking cumbria long distance national trail england

The Perverse Pennine Way blog, walking the ‘wrong’ way, north to south, and largely spurning indoor accommodation.

pennine way national trail hiking england

The Pleasant Pennine Way blog – a challenging but enjoyable walk along England’s oldest and best National Trail.

scarista beach on island of Harris

Who wouldn’t want to walk to what, according to the record book, is the UK’s windiest place?

summit views from caer caradoc shropshire england

A quintessentially English landscape: rolling contours, muted colours and quirky, Tolkienesque names…

waterloo bridge city london westminster

A stroll along the Thames on a crisp, clear February evening…

moorland trek hike walk

For you personally the Ultra Tour 40 might be the best pack in the world…

hardheads wild flower norfolk

Post-equinoctical Botanising and Social Media – Diminishing Returns, or Why I’m Keeping Groundsel Up My Sleeve…

norfolk broads windmill england

As the tied ebbed so did our energy…

norfolk broads england

The massive backdrop of the sky dominates your view, and your consciousness…